Determines, if an XML element has a parent element.

fxml_hasParent(xmlflat.df, elemid)



A flat XML dataframe created with fxml_importXMLFlat.


The ID of the XML element. The ID is the value of the elemid. field in the flat XML dataframe.


TRUE, if a parent element for the XML element with ID elemid exists, FALSE otherwise (which would mean that the XML element is the root node of the XML document).

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# Load example file with population data from United Nations Statistics Division # and create flat dataframe example <- system.file("worldpopulation.xml", package="flatxml") xml.dataframe <- fxml_importXMLFlat(example) # Check if the XML element with ID 4 (xml.dataframe$elemid. == 4) has a parent element fxml_hasParent(xml.dataframe, 4)
#> [1] TRUE