Returns all attributes of an XML element and their respective values.

fxml_getAttributesAll(xmlflat.df, elemid)



A flat XML dataframe created with fxml_importXMLFlat.


The ID of the XML element. The ID is the value of the elemid. field in the flat XML dataframe.


A named vector containing the attribute values of all attributes of the XML element with ID elemid. The names of the vector are the names of the attributes. Returns NULL if the element has no attributes at all.

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# Load example file with population data from United Nations Statistics Division # and create flat dataframe example <- system.file("worldpopulation.xml", package="flatxml") xml.dataframe <- fxml_importXMLFlat(example) # Get all attribute of the XML element with ID 4 (xml.dataframe$elemid. == 4) fxml_getAttributesAll(xml.dataframe, 4)
#> name #> "Country or Area"